Hi There, Glad to have you on this page.

My name is Jasmine Roberts, mother of three (a boy and two girls), and together with the help of my very good friend Michelle, we run this little website of us. With the hope that someone, somewhere will find our content valuable when making decision that has to do with their children.

Potty HQ is a website dedicated to babies, toddlers and nursing parents. I write about everything that parents with children within the age of zero (0) to three (3) years will find very useful in their journey as a nursing mother.

Although my children are within the school age now, I find pleasure in writing from my experience as a nursing mother. Most of the articles I publish are what I wish I had read while I was a nursing mom.

A larger percentage of the articles I publish is centered around product reviews, because I am interested in ensuring that every penny spent on baby item is worth it.

Currently, I don’t accept offer for product review, which means all reviews are done independently with no influence from the product manufacturer.

The running of this website is supported by earnings from affiliate promotion, which means, when you land on amazon or any other website by clicking through our site, I earn certain commission for that. This does not affect the product price, so you have no cause to worry.

I do hope that you enjoy your search through the website, and hopefully leave some feedback through my contact us page.

I love making new friends; don’t forget to send a tweet at me via @PottyHQ, and I will reply as soon as possible.